Monthly Knowledge Sharing and Networking Meeting

Monthly knowledge sharing and networking meeting is a platform created by the Global Compact Network India, to facilitate a process of sharing learnings and networking opportunity among the various member organisations. The meetings facilitate mobilising and sharing expertise and experience through the in-focus initiatives on sustainability and CSR and provide learning opportunity through networking and discussions and deliberations around issues of concern. Being not restricted to just members, the monthly meetings since its inception has also been attended by patrons of the Global Compact Network in India.

These meetings are organised across the 5 chapters of the Global Compact Network India and are hosted by companies on a voluntary basis. Each month, the member organisations and companies or the Global Compact Network voluntarily commit themselves to organise the gathering and provide this sharing platform to all other members.

Centred on various themes of Sustainability, CSR and Social Development process, the meetings are much sought events of the GCNI and is attended by experts, government officials, business heads, academicians, non-profit organisations and individuals from across the sectors in India. While involving the people in understanding the issues of critical concern, these meetings also provide the attendees to demonstrate the work and initiatives taken up by their organisations in furthering the agenda of Sustainability and CSR.