About Sustainability Alliance Partners


Global Compact Network India (GCNI) is taking forward the UNGC Mandate on Sustainability in India and is making concerted efforts towards initiating discussions and deliberations on the issue of sustainability as it has emerged as one of the major thematic areas for discussions to explore opportunities, challenges and plans for way forward. In taking forward this mandate, GCNI has successfully led several initiatives, which include programmatic interventions, research studies and surveys and training and capacity building.


Taking a leaf out of our significant interventions nationally, regionally and globally, GCNI conceptualized the Sustainability Alliance Partners for furthering the sustainability agenda in India. The first consultation of the Sustainability Alliance Partners was held on 27th June 2014. To provide a more focussed approach towards this initiative and develop actionable agenda for GCNI and its key stakeholders, GCNI invited some of the leading members of the Sustainability Alliance Partners and experts to form a Working Group (WG) on sustainability.  The WG would set the deliverables and the objectives of the Sustainability Alliance Partners and work together towards the achievement of the stated objectives.


This Sustainability Alliance Partners’ Working Group will lead sustainability initiatives/issues/interventions under broad framework of UNGC principles and will be accountable to the governing council of the GCNI.


The objectives of the Group are given as below;

  • To support GCNI in conceptualizing and formulating various approaches to take forward the sustainability agenda in India,
  • To promote the uptake of sustainability practices, including activities/interventions,
  • To formulate a plan of action within the broad framework of the Global Compact Principles, especially the principles relating to environment, and
  •  execution of the plan of action
  • To develop a way forward for addressing and promoting environmental sustainability and related themes in India