Global Compact Network India


One of the key elements of the UNGC initiatives is the existence of business led multistakeholders platforms of local networks which provide an opportunity for members to share experiences, innovative practices and collaborates for furtherance of responsible business values within country specific contexts. The Global Compact Network India was formed by the UNGC participant companies from India.It was registered in New Delhi in November 2003 as a Non-Profit Society to function as the Indian Local Network of the Global Compact Programme, functioning within a globally recognized and established initiative with a pan-India membership base.

Global Compact Network (GCN) provides an extremely relevant vehicle for Indian Companies- Large & SME, Academic institutions and Civil Society organizations to join hands towards strengthening responsible business initiatives in India and Internationally.


Why Join Global Compact Network India


Today when the most progressive companies are focusing on CSR, Global Compact is the right platform to demonstrate Nationally and Internationally the commitment to CSR and ethical working of the companies. Voluntary guidelines on CSR by Ministry of Corporate Affairs lay emphasis on almost the same core issues as advocated by UNGC. Department of Public Enterprises has also issued guidelines on CSR for CPSEs which make a reference to UNGC.


There are four categories of members in the network


1. Corporate Members (Companies / Corporations)

2. SME Members (Small & Medium Enterprises)

3. Institutional Members

a) Non-Profit Making Societies

b) Trusts

c) Educational and Research Institutes

d) Govt. Departments

4. NGO Members

a) Civil Society

b) Non-Government or Labour Organizations


 Membership fees

  Membership Category Entrance fees (in Rs.)  Annual Fees (in Rs.) Lifetime Membership (in Rs.)
1 Corporate MembersUpto ` 500 Crores in thepreceding year 25,000 25000 2,50,000
2 Above ` 500 Crores 50,000 50,000 5,00,000
3 SME Members 10,000 10,000 1,00,000
4 Institutional Members 10,000 10,000 1,00,000
5 NGO Members 10,000 10,000 1,00,000


GST @18% will be applicable on membership.