• Global Ethical Framework: Any stakeholder joining GCNI enters into a Global Ethical Framework by embracing universal principles on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-corruption long recognised by governments all over the world but not yet universally implemented.
  • Induction, Training and Communication of Progress: Companies are provided by way of briefing and training activities to the key staff on what it means to be part of the UNGC and how they can contribute to their organization’s CSR activities and other initiatives which cover broadly the ten principles of UNGC. Assistance is also provided to companies in preparing their annual Communication of Progress (COP) as part of their commitment to the principles of UNGC.
  • Integrated Platform: The network provides a high-impact collective action platform by way of Knowledge Sharing and Network Meetings; Regional Conclaves; National Convention in which leaders from all over the country representing various sectors meet to address and explore how collective action can create incentives for ethical business performance and on some of the most urgent social and environmental challenges of our times. It also strengthens corporate citizenship and develops partnership projects to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Publication and Communication: Create a window of opportunity for the stakeholders to share their good practices to a larger global audience by way of publishing in Annual UNGC documents and through electronic communication by means of UNGC & GCNI websites.
  • Participation in the Governance of the Network, including election to the Governing Council or becoming member of subject sub-Committees which would bring in varied stakeholders on board and add vibrant leadership, visibility and credibility to the organization.
  • Collective Action Project on Anti-corruption and Green Economy provides an enabling platform at the country level where different stakeholders address various issues related to corruption. Further, it acts like a forum to share information and experiences and find way and means to collectively fight against corruption and mitigate challenges related to environment.
  • Representation through State, National and International Forums: GCNI is a pan India membership driven network, state chapters bring in not only the existing but potential stakeholders to actively take part in the activities and initiatives of GCNI. Stakeholders are provided with opportunities to represent GCNI in National and International forums.