Address Environmental Risks and Leverage Opportunities


Every year 25 billion pounds of toxic pollutants are added to the environment by factories and mines. With each passing day, the environment continues to degrade at an unprecedented rate; posing a significant threat to human health worldwide. At the current rate of environmental depletion, it is estimated that the effect on living beings would worsen in the next 50 years. The need arises, stronger than ever before, for greater collective action in areas of climate change, clean water, ocean health and biodiversity.

UN Global Compact Network India, standing committed to promote greater environmental responsibility, has collaborated with various Indian companies and developed several initiatives to accelerate corporate stewardship and responsible business practices at the local and national level. Our efforts not only aid private companies to embed sustainability into their strategy, but also take action to secure a resilient future. In this Decade of Action, our goal is to help businesses scale up impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the ambitious targets set in the Paris Agreement.