GC Election 2019-21 - Rules

GC Election 2019-21 - Rules


1. All election will be held by secret ballot. The method of voting will be specified in the notice for elections.
2. Only those members whose names appear on the Register of Members and who have paid all dues till March 31 of the year preceding to the year for which elections are to be conducted, shall have the voting rights. The electoral list of such eligible organisations will be as on the date of issue of letter inviting nominations.
3. Votes may be cast through registered/speed post/courier mail/by hand addressed to the Returning Officer
4. Election results shall be completed by the Returning Officer by the stipulated date and communicated simultaneously to the Secretary and President of the Society.
5. The Governing Council (GC) shall appoint an eminent person, who is not representing any member organization of the Society, as a Returning Officer to conduct and supervise the elections. The Returning Officer shall write to all those members of the Society who have the voting rights to send their nominations in the Nomination Form (Exhibit 1). Only one representative of any organsiaiton can be nominated for any position(s) in the Governing Council.
6. Nominations, to be signed by an authorized person on behalf of the member organisation, shall be sent to the Returning Officer at the address indicated, by hand/speed post/courier/fax/email(after scanning the signed nomination form), by the last date (within about 10 days of the date of issue of the notice). The last date, time, place for receipt, opening of nominations and scrutiny by the Returning Officer will be indicated in the letter inviting nomination and the persons nominated or their authorised representatives will be allowed to be present at the time of opening and scrutiny of the nominations.
7. After scrutiny by the Returning Officer the complete list of nominations accepted shall be sent by him/her within 2 working days to all those candidates whose nominations have been accepted for various positions. About 4 days’ time shall be allowed for withdrawals, which are to be sent directly to Returning Officer through letter/fax/email. After the last date of withdrawals, the Returning Officer will prepare the final list of nominations, excluding the names withdrawn.
8. A Ballot Paper as shown in Exhibit 2 shall be prepared, authenticated by initializing by the Returning Officer and sent by him/her by speed post/courier within 2 working days of the last date of withdrawal to all such members of the Society as have voting rights, with a cover having the address of Returning Officer to whom the completed Ballot Paper is to be sent. About 10 days’ time will be allowed from the date of issue for submission of Ballot Papers. The last date, time and place for receipt of ballot papers, opening scrutiny and counting shall be indicated and the candidates or their authorised representatives will be allowed to be present at the time of opening scrutiny and counting of ballot paper.
9. While casting votes

  • The ballot paper has to be completed as per the instruction contained on the ballot paper itself. Vote can be cast for any number of candidates subject to the maximum number indicated for each post on the ballot paper. In case of any alteration or overwriting the ballot paper shall be rejected.
  • After completing the ballot paper, it should be placed in small envelope sent for the purpose and sealed intact so that no tampering can take place.
  • Then the sealed small envelope containing the completed ballot paper alongwith the covering letter (Exhibit 3) signed by authorized representative of the member organization should be placed in a separate big envelope containing the address to which it has to be sent, also supplied by the Returning Officer with the Ballot Paper and pasted well to prevent any tampering. In no case, the signed covering letter will be kept with the ballot paper in the small envelope. Otherwise the ballot shall be rejected.
  • The big envelope containing the sealed ballot paper and the covering letter shall be sent by hand/speed post/ courier at the address indicated on the envelope. It shall not be accepted by the Returning Officer after the date and time specified for receipt of ballots.
  • All the big envelopes containing the covering letter and sealed ballot papers received will be preserved intact and opened at the place, date and time previously fixed by the Returning Officer where the contesting candidates or their authorised representatives will be allowed to be present.


10. A member of the Society can nominate its own representative (self-nomination), or representative of another organization for election to the Governing Council. In case of persons nominated from other organizations, consent of the persons nominated must accompany the nomination form or be otherwise submitted to Returning Officer. In the absence such consent from any person nominated, his /her nomination will become invalid. Provided further that no such consent shall be necessary for self-nomination.
11. The candidates, whose nominations have been found in order for contesting elections, will be given on request, a list of member organizations eligible to vote.
12. The Ballot Paper has to be completed only for the position(s), which are being contested. The members shall not cast more number of votes than required for various positions that are being contested, as specified in the ballot paper. If the votes cast against any position are more than that is stipulated for that position, then all the votes so cast for that position only will be held as invalid votes.
13. The decision of the Returning Officer shall be final and the Governing Council or General Body shall have no power to review /revise or amend it.
14. The dates mentioned in these rules and summarised in Exhibit 4 are indicative and as far as possible, should normally be adhered to.
15. If Secretary fails to take action as provided herein, the President shall take charge for holding election and shall follow the procedure laid herein.
16. In case of a tie (i.e. same number of votes) for any position, following procedure will be adopted:-

  • When the ballots are first opened and tie situation becomes known, the Returning Officer will immediately inform by fax/email or letter delivered by hand/courier, the candidates having the tie, the date and time of draw of lots. This draw will not be held earlier than 48 hours and later than 72 hours of such dispatch. The candidates or their representatives will be permitted to attend the draw of lots.
  •  The Returning Officer will give opportunity to the candidate having the tie, to withdraw even at this stage so that only one candidate is finally left, who can be declared elected. Withdrawal by letter/fax /telegram can be accepted till the time announced for draw of lots.
  •  Failing any withdrawal as per (b) above, the Returning Officer will decide by draw of lots among the candidates having the tie.

17. The Society will reimburse all expenses incurred by the Returning Officer in conducting the elections.
18. If any position remains unfilled after these elections, it will be treated as vacancy arising during the tenure the Governing Council for any reason, and it shall be filled by the remaining members of the Governing Council through nomination, in accordance with Article 24 of Rule & Regulations of GCN.

Governing Council Election Form 2019-21