Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

With the advent of social media and many platforms available to connect and share ideas/ perspectives, it becomes imperative to have a guideline in place so that the members are aware of the dos and don’ts while sharing on social media platform. A social media policy should be in place that preemptively addresses privacy concerns that could arise while using social media and also acts as a guideline to create awareness.

Recommended Policy

1. Members/ Partners/ Staff of Global Compact Network India (GCNI) should not post confidential information on social media.
2. GCNI Members / Partners / Staff who post their point of views on any social media platform, should indicate that it is their personal view and not of GCNI.
3. Members/ Partners/Staff of GCNI should refrain from using names of individuals / the chapters /board members in any of their social media updates.
4. Freedom of expressing thoughts and ideas by the Members/ Partners/ Staff in the social platforms should not contradict the confidentiality or legal guidelines of GCNI.
5. Members/ Partners / Staff are requested to follow the Code of Conduct of GCNI and use their sound judgement while engaging in any social media communication.
6. Personal vendetta and casting aspersions in public against GCNI should not be done by any Members / Partners / Staff.
7. GCNI logo should be used by Members/ Partners/ Staff strictly in accordance with our logo policy. Also, prior approval should be taken from the concerned authority before using the logo.

GCNI Network Spokesperson representing on Social Media 

1. All authorized spokespersons of GCNI must know the complete policies, rules and regulations before speaking on behalf of GCNI.
2. When in doubt, the spokesperson should consult the concerned GCNI authority before posting any information online on social media.
3. Individuals /persons /organizations are not to be used in negative tone in social media. It amounts to disrupting their integrity.
4. Cognizance should be taken to give due credit/ acknowledgement to individuals/organizations/persons for the work referred to with prior approval from concerned authority. It should not be claimed as their own by the spokesperson.
5. No post should be in contravention to Article19 (1)(a) of the Indian Constitution and the reasonable restrictions mentioned therein.