Nazneen Shekh

Nazneen is a development professional with over two years of experience and a diverse background spanning advocacy, communications, evaluation, research, networking, and partnership building. Prior to her current role at UN GCNI, she held significant positions in reputable organizations.

At the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) in Delhi, Nazneen spearheaded communications efforts, focusing on media outreach to raise awareness about the lived realities, challenges and aspirations of persons with disabilities. Her work significantly contributed to enhancing the visibility of the organization and issues related to disability rights.

She has also worked with Ideosync Media Combine as part of the research team, where she worked on projects related to digital and media literacy, as well as gender and technology. Her contributions included presenting research papers at academic conferences, notably on topics such as ‘Contextualizing a gendered digital divide: Learning from girls in peri-urban Delhi’ and ‘Digital Divide and Media Literacy: Contextualizing Disruptions, Learnings, and Practices’.

Nazneen holds a Master’s degree in Sociology with a specialization in Gender and Media from Delhi School of Economics, and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Maitreyi College, University of Delhi. With her rich academic background and professional experience, she holds a critical understanding of various issues such as Gender, Media, Technology, and Disability.

Currently, she is working as a Programme Officer at UN GCNI.