In January 2011, GCNI commenced with the Collective Action Project in India. The UNGC Collective Action Project was launched in five countries, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Egypt and India. The Collective Action Project (CAP) India aims to develop a collective action platform, with a unique focus anti-corruption intervention and ethical governance. The project is supported by the Siemens Integrity Initiative Funds.




  • · Address the economic implications of corruption
  • · Explore how leading companies tackle ethical dilemmas concerning environmental sustainability.
  • · Raise awareness among business executives, government officials and the general public about the value of collective action and corporate sustainability in fighting corruption.
  • · Facilitate dialogue between the private and public sector and explore good practices in implementing the UNGC principles on Anti-Corruption


The Collective Action Platform in India would provide a road map to increase awareness on anti-corruption strategies among key stakeholders in India including the government, business, international development agencies and think-tanks. The project activities include research study, seminars, workshops, and national and stakeholder consultations. The project also looks at the importance of PRME and engages with management institutes.