Sustainable Circular Economy

A circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.

Outcome Report: 7th Gender Equality Summit 2024

UN GCNI organized the 7th Gender Equality Summit, titled ‘Inclusive Horizons: Integrating Gender Equality Across SDGs’ on 26th April 2024, at the India International Centre, New Delhi.

Outcome Report: 6th Gender Equality

Sustainable Development Goal 5, Gender equality is one of the most important goals aimed at empowering women and girls across the world

Outcome Report: 5th Gender Equality Summit

Gender roles in society determine how men & women interact with surrounding environment and use natural resources, leading to different levels...

Outcome Report: 2nd Gender Equality Summit 2019

The UN believes “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, sustainable world,..

Corporate Risk Management & Ethical Leadership: Anti-Corruption Collective Action (AC CA) Playbook Training

Corporate risk management and ethical leadership are pivotal in fostering an environment conducive to anticorruption collective action initiatives.

Multi-Stakeholders Roundtable Conference on Ethical Business Practices & Integrity in Healthcare Through Collective Action

Ethical business practice, multi-stakeholder engagement, and collective action are vital components in enhancing transparency..

Corporate Governance and Ethical Practices: Anti-Corruption Collective Action (AC CA) Playbook Training

The Anti-Corruption Collective Action Playbook Training Workshop, held at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry on June 14, 2024…

1st Global Summit on ESG Advancement “Innovations Driving Sustainability”

The role of businesses, irrespective of the sectors, in India's growth and sustainable development is paramount in eradicating poverty, improving…

Uniting Against Corruption: Regional Perspectives on Collective Action

The Report "Uniting Against Corruption: Regional Perspectives on Collective Action" demonstrates the dynamics of Corruption and anti-corruption efforts across different…

National Conclave on Good Governance in Healthcare for Global Welfare

UN Global Compact Network India (UN GCNI) recognizes the grave impact that unclean businesses have on the company and every…

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Outcome Report: 17th National Convention

The 17th GCNI National Convention was held in Hyatt Regency, New Delhi on Dec 15, 2022. The theme of the convention was “Sustainable Development Goals:…