Closing the loop: Creating circular economic models’ – Osmanabad

With the ending of the pilot phase of the project on Closing the Loop: Creating Circular Economic Models’, UN GCNI begins the next phase of the project. From 3rd to 9th December, the UN GCNI team organized several stakeholder meetings in the 8 blocks of Dharashiv district.¬† The meetings focused on studying the agricultural and waste-to-wealth landscape of the district.

The team had several insightful and enlightening discussions with the following-

  • District government officials such as the District Magistrate (Shri. Sachin Ombase), the District Superintendent of Police (Shri. Atul Kulkarni), the District and 8 Block Agriculture Officers and Block Development officers
  • NGOs such as Cohesion Foundation and WOTR
  • TISS Tuljapur
  • Mr. Dhanesh Bora, founder of a startup company called Gramdhenu
  • Mr. Krishiratna B B Thombore, CMD of Natural Sugar.
  • Mr. Vidyasagar Koli, an organic soil scientist.
  • Local community farmers and silage practitioner

The discussions enriched in-depth knowledge on the agriculture pattern, waste recycling and management (agriculture waste, animal livestock, dry natural waste) and biomass landscape of the 8 blocks of Dharashiv.