Event Report: Second Ideation Meeting

GCNI hosted the Second Ideation Meeting with Anti-Corruption Collective Action (ACCA) stakeholders on May 4, 2023, which intended to review and identify corruption challenges, assess the Collective Action methodology to address it and to move in the direction of developing a structured strategy and roadmap to promote transparency and accountability in MSME Sector. Over 30 nominated officials from diverse relevant sectors participated and shared their ideas, expertise and insights to support the ACCA project of UN GCNI.
The meeting was moderated by Mr. Arya Dev, Project Lead for the Golden Stretch Round. He welcomed all the participants and the Chief Guest, Mr. Dev Kumar, Director, Public Sector Consulting (PSC), Grant Thornton Bharat LLP; and set the tone of the meeting by establishing the agenda and laying down the objectives of the Ideation Meeting.