2023 SDG Pioneers Local round

Mon, 15th May, 2023 @ Online

As part of the 2023 UN Global Compact SDG Pioneers programme,  Global Compact Network India launches its national search for professionals who are committed to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By June 2023, our Network will recognize an employee of a participating company as the Global Compact Network India’s SDG Pioneer. The selected Local Pioneer will then have the opportunity to participate in the final search of Global SDG Pioneers to be recognized during the 2024 UN Global Compact Leaders Summit. 

Global Compact Network India welcomes the leadership of companies participating in the UN Global Compact to nominate their employees to the programme and later on join them during the recognition.

The 2023 SDG Pioneers campaign aligns with the narrative that we developed coming out of our data (CEO Survey and Progress report):

  • We are not on track to deliver the SDGs
  • There is significant engagement and awareness -so why are we off plan?
  • We lack ambition(targets are not aligned to goals/requirements)
  • We lack scale across the globe, across operations / supply chains / business functions

About the SDG Pioneers Programme

Each year the UN Global Compact recognizes a class of SDG Pioneers — business leaders working at any level of a company, who are using business as a force for good to advance the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Pioneers play an important role to drum up interest in the Global Goals and in how the UN Global Compact is empowering businesses to advance them. In 2023, the UN Global Compact will again recognize professionals working at any level in a participating company of the UN Global Compact who are setting ambitious SDG targets, scale and impact across their companies through a principles-based approach.

Application Form – https://forms.gle/WF5h3GZ1dKfybSGV9

To know if you are eligible and other information, refer to the FAQs HERE