Annual 7th edition of Gender Equality Summit (GES)

Friday, 26th April 2024 @ India International Centre

Among the multifaceted endeavors aimed at creating a meaningful impact, UN GCNI’s Gender Equality Summit stands out as a significant opportunity to expand our reach throughout the nation. The 7th Gender Equality Summit is scheduled for the 26th April, 2024 at the India International Centre, New Delhi. With the thematic focus on “Inclusive Horizons: Integrating Gender Equality across SDGs”. 

The Annual 7th edition of Gender Equality Summit (GES) is our flagship event in India which resonates with the global commitment to Forward Faster on gender equality by creating a forum for diverse stakeholders to engage in the dialogue on gender equal future. Based on the core principles of human rights, environment, labour, and anti-corruption, the summit aims to further integrate gender with all Sustainable Development Goals by offering new and cutting-edge solutions, strategies, and policy recommendations and proposing vital frameworks toward a gender-responsive commitment.

The Summit will see the participation of more than 300 delegates from government, business, civil society, the UN and it’s systems, donors, bilateral and multilateral organizations, and academia.

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