GCNI guides Kenya Local Network in its Governance Process

Tue, 27th January, 2015 @ India

Global Compact Network India (GCNI), keeping its commitment to support its peers across the world, has been supporting the Kenya Local Network of the United Nations Global Compact in rejigging its governance structures and putting a new framework to effectively administer and govern its operations in a more structured and inclusive manner. The Kenya Local Network is currently working toward establishing itself as a legal entity and setting in place a new governance mechanism in its bid to take forward an ambitious operational plan and a working agenda going forward.

In a meeting held between contact points of India and Kenya Networks during Annual Local Network Forum held in Addis in June 2014, GCNI agreed to guide the Kenya Network with its knowledge, experience and a well functional governance structure. India Local Network has been providing support by sharing common areas of concerns, issues, challenges and opportunities about governance systems and effective structures that lead to Network’s sustainability and generate more confidence among stakeholders who then are more pliable to support the Network by contributing to its functioning and long-term support.

Kenya is the second Local Network after Maldives that GCNI has been supporting by sharing its experiences and collective wisdom.

India Local Network, the oldest Network of the UNGC, a leader in Asia Oceania region contributing 330 signatories to the UNGC from India and with a local membership of over 190 members, is a fast growing Network in the region.

GCNI also recently worked on an Asia regional cooperation project launched in Dhaka on December 10, 2014 involving nine Networks from Asian region.