Ideation meeting on ‘Closing the Loop: Creating a Circular Economic Model’ 

Friday, March 1, 2024 @ Osmanabad district

Stakeholders involved in the meeting-

  1. Dr. Sampat Kale, Asst. Professor, TISS
  2. Dr. Shridhar Samant, Asst. Professor, TISS
  3. Ms. Naseem Sheikh, Associate Programme Director, SSP
  4. Mr. Kaka, Programme Manager, SSP
  5. Mr. Vidyasagar Koli, Organic Farmer & Researcher
  6. Mr. Deepak Jadav, Silage Entrepreneur
  7. Mr. Shailendra Kshirsagar, Agriculture Field Officer, BASF
  8. Ms. Trupti Kadam, Deputy Manager (Country Development), BASF
  9. Ms. Srishti Gautam, Programme Officer, UN GCNI
  10. Ms. Subha Kawatra, Assistant Programme Manager, UN GCNI
  11. Mr. Ratnesh, Executive Director, UN GCNI

Objective: This ideation meeting aims to harness the collective expertise of subject specialists to address a pressing environmental and economic challenge, laying the groundwork for sustainable and impactful solutions in the agriculture sector. 

Outcome: Innovative and sustainable solutions were discussed for transforming agriculture waste into valuable resources, thereby promoting environmental sustainability, economic growth of the indigenous farmers, and overall community well-being.