Monthly Knowledge Sharing and Networking Meeting On “Sustainable Use of Natural Resources”

29th April, 2016 @ GAIL Office, New Delhi

The monthly knowledge sharing and networking meeting on the theme “Sustainable use of Natural Resources’ for the month of April was organized by Global Compact Network India in collaboration with GAIL (India) Ltd on 29th April, 2016 at GAIL Office, New Delhi. The meeting was attended by 70 people representing the business sector, civil society and academia.

The meeting was initiated with the welcome address by Mr. Pooran Chandra Pandey, Executive Director, UN GCNI where he talked about the relevance of the theme ‘Sustainable use of Natural Resources’.
Subsequently, Dr. Uddesh Kohli, Senior Advisor, United Nations Global Compact, addressed the meeting and explained how Global Compact India has been focussing its agenda towards the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The meeting included a presentation on the theme by Mr. Santanu Roy, General Manager, Corporate Planning, GAIL (India) wherein he further, reflected on Goal 12 of the SDGs which deals with ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’ and expressed how sustainable consumption and production of natural resources is essential in order to make it available for future generations.

The second presentation at the meeting was delivered by Dr. Miniya Chatterji, Chief Sustainability Officer, JSPL where she highlighted the fact that SDGs are more empirically tested and monitored goals which makes the new global goals more action oriented. She highlighted three key messages as positive steps of actions in order to achieve the SDGs: to use the existing resources efficiently, to limit the damage and to use energy efficiently.