Need Assessment Regional Smart City Workshop: Transforming Cities Through Co-Development

Wed, 16th January 2019 @ Regional Centre for Urban & Environmental Studies (RCUES), Lucknow

The objective of Smart City Mission is to promote cities that cater core infrastructure and provide its citizens a decent quality of life, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart Solutions’.

The Smart Cities Mission, undoubtedly a new and bold initiative of the Government of India, it has a committed vision to establish examples that can be presented as models to be replicated both within and outside the Smart City; thus, in the process, it can make a way for the creation of similar smart city in different parts and regions of the country.


  • To track the progress of 10 Smart Cities of UP
  • To identify key issues & challenges being faced by the cities
  • To review the City priorities, current needs and initiatives
  • To discuss potential strategies and solutions for fast-tracking the implementation
  • To identify Potential Stakeholders and avenues for co-development

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Theme :
Transforming Cities Through Co-Development

Day & Date : Wed, 16th January 2019

Time :


Regional Centre for Urban & Environmental Studies (RCUES), Lucknow