Regional Convention –¬† South 2023

Friday, 15 December 2023 @ Bengaluru

UN Global Compact Network India is excited to unveil its Regional Convention – South, a dedicated platform aimed at emphasizing contemporary issues. This year, under the theme “Advancing Sustainable India: Driving Change with Forward Faster 2030,” the focus is on empowering companies to pinpoint impactful actions that can drive substantial change by 2030. The Convention invites crucial participation from government bodies, public institutions, the private sector, non-profits, sustainability champions, practitioners, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs, academics, and pertinent stakeholders.

The Convention zeroes in on pivotal thematic areas: Climate Change, Gender Equality, Living Wage, Finance and Investment, and Water Resilience. These targeted domains possess the potential to expedite progress across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, presenting an opportunity for collective action by the private sector before 2030. Discussions will underscore the indispensable nature of advancing Global Goals for both individual and collective well-being, as well as the economic growth of our societies.

Moreover, the Convention aims not only to address underlying issues but also to chart clear and credible pathways toward reaching the midpoint of the Decade of Action. This approach will accelerate the transition toward sustainable, equitable, inclusive, and just development models, setting a robust foundation for the future.

RSVP Contact:

Neeta Aggarwal, Programme Officer,  UN Global Compact Network India    –