RISE World Summit 2019

Thu, 31st January, 2019 @ Kohinoor Business School, Kurla

The RISE Summit is an open platform to actively map resources and partnerships driven by the RISE shared values – Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-friendly. The distinctive feature of RISE is the pure interactive event design with the objective to promote:

1. Cross-sectoral dialogue: go beyond networking to knowledge sharing across stakeholder groups and focus areas
2. Capacity building: conduct workshops and sessions to contribute ideas and practices that enhances discovery, outreach, execution and delivery of initiatives
3. Collaboration: design alliances that leverage strengths and resources to create impact

The RISE Summit by Idobro began in 2012 as a convening of different stakeholders involved in social and environmental development through diversity, inclusion and sustainability initiatives. Our effort to catalyze the development space grows with every passing year. The 3-day Summit features Conclaves, Round-tables, Display Areas, Exhibitions, P2P Meetings, Chat sessions and Social Tours to facilitate multi-stakeholder exchanges and meaningful engagement.

The event format for the RISE Summit is planned for inclusion, relevance and flexibility. Participants from any sector and stakeholder group are welcome to attend one or more activities as per their interest and convenience. There are no registration fees and all activities are participatory with no presentations or panels. Independent experts use open design technology to organically develop and ensure engaging conversations across the spectrum of Women, social and green issues. The sessions are co-hosted by Partners who seek to further their mandate through breakthrough interactions for significant outcomes, alliances and sustainable solutions.

Discover a spectrum of activities based on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

For more details, visit: www.risesummit.in/

Contact for opportunities to partner or volunteer:
hema.ganachari@idobro.com | +91-9820192316