UNGC – Accenture CEO Study 2016 Launched in New York

Fri, 1st July, 2016 @ New York

UNGC -Accenture CEO Study was launched in New York on June 23 on the side lines of Global Leaders Summit concluded recently. The study covers more than 1000 CEOs, from more than 100 Countries across 25 Industry segments.

The Study reveals that Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will play a critical role in shaping the transformational agenda till 2030, providing an essential window of opportunity to rethink and reset approaches to sustainability. The adoption of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides the backdrop to this year’s Study. Results of the Study suggest that business leaders are committed to driving forward this universal ambition, forging a stronger global environment for doing business in the foothills of the fourth industrial revolution.

The Study highlights are that :-

1) 84% CEOs want to see greater local collaboration with National Governments on SDGs Action Plans.
2) 87% CEOs believe that SDGs provide an opportunity for businesses to rethink approaches to sustainable value creation and 78% already see opportunities to contribute through core business.
3) 70% CEOs believe that the SDGs provide a clear framework to structure sustainability efforts.
4) 49% CEOs believe that business will be the single most important actor in delivering the SDGs.
5) In measuring the impact of sustainability, 88% CEOs say that integration of sustainability issues in financial markets is essential in making progress. But only 10% CEOs cite pressure from investors as among top three factors driving them to take action on sustainability.
6) 85% CEOs see cross-sector coalitions and partnerships as essential in accelerating transformation and 75% see digital technologies, enabling sustainable business models.