World Environment Day Connecting People to Nature

Mon, 12th June, 2017 @ Indian Habitat Center (IHC), New Delhi

“Sustainable Development Goals for a Better Planet”

Global Compact Network India (GCNI), in collaboration with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), organized a lecture series on “Sustainable Development Goals for a Better Planet” on 5th June, 2017 at Indian Habitat Center (IHC), New Delhi. Over 85 participants attended the lecture representing UN policy makers, civil societies public and private sector organizations.

On the occasion or environment Day, the lecture series aimed at discussing the national and state perspective of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) planning. The lecture series emphasized the importance of the role of the general public for the successful implementation of SDGs. It also stressed upon protecting the earth and adopting sustainable practices as “the need of the hour”.

The event started with the welcome address of Mr. Kamal SinghExecutive Director, GCNI. A short video was played for the audience, which made them aware of the current status and plans of India concerning SDGs.

The event had a panel discussion on the theme ‘Sustainable Development Goals for a Better Planet’, the panelists included Dr. P.K. Anand, Advisor, NITI Aayog; Mr. Anurag Goel,Former Secretary, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India & Advisor, SDGs, Government of Assam and was chaired by Dr.  S.K. Sarkar Distinguished Fellow & Senior Director, TERI. Dr. Sarkar opened the panel discussion and briefed the audience on the topic of discussion. He gave the example of Gurugram, for adopting SDGs at the level of cities apart from national and state levels.

Dr. P.K.Anand addressed on “The National Perspective and Actions towards SDGs”wherein he talked about the importance of protecting the earth and mankind through adopting sustainable practices more than focusing on the need for an alternative planet for humans.

Further, Mr. Anurag Goel shared his views and experiences on “State of Assam – 2030 Vision for SDGs”. He first started his speech by discussing the timeline of events involved in the formation of the vision document of Assam. He shared his experience about the support Assam received from. He highlighted some important points in his address as follows:-

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Divya Datt, Associate, Director, TERI who thanked the panel, the contribution of TERI and UNGCNI and the audience for being deeply involved about protecting and connecting to the nature on the special occasion of World Environment Day.