Roundtable Discussion – 13 September 2023

Indo British Scholars’ Association (IBSA) hosted an interactive roundtable session with members from the UN Global Compact Network India at the British Club on 13 September,  2023. The recent UN GCNI & IBSA meeting in Kolkata concluded with vital visions & forward looking strategies.

Leaders and visionaries from across the region united to champion sustainability and the “Forward Faster 2030” agenda. Members from different industries such as tea, engineering, hospitality, tourism, education, Information Technology and consultancy attended the roundtable session.

Key Outcomes:

➡ Collaborative Commitment: A resounding commitment to collaborative efforts to accelerate progress on the UNGC Agenda and “Forward Faster 2030” initiatives.
➡ Actionable Strategies: Practical, actionable strategies to drive sustainability, with a focus on social impact, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices.
➡ Regional Partnerships: Strengthened global partnerships to work collectively towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
➡ Inclusive Engagement: A pledge to promote inclusivity, gender equality, and community empowerment in all our endeavors.