Dr. Somnath Singh

Dr. Somnath Singh is a thorough development professional and academic practitioner with 24 years of diverse and impactful experience, he brings a proven track record of success in working with governmental bodies, private sectors, NGOs, and esteemed UN organizations.

He, throughout his career, has adeptly navigated complex landscapes to deliver transformative results in areas such as Healthcare, Women Empowerment & Gender Equality, ESG, Sustainability, Business Integrity, Public Policy, Compliance Risk Management, Public Private Partnership, and Stakeholders Management and Engagement.

Known for his strong communication skills and ability to influence stakeholders at all levels, he is adept at forging consensus and implementing solutions that meet organizational goals while advancing broader societal objectives. He is passionate about contributing his expertise to new challenges and opportunities, aiming to continue making a meaningful impact on national and global initiatives for environmental, social, and business development.

He has worked extensively with the Public and private sectors to develop viable models of value-based healthcare for different groups, bring policy-level changes in businesses/systems through policy advocacy and interventions, and promote ethical practices through good governance, transparency, and integrity in businesses. His strategic vision and leadership have consistently driven projects forward, fostering cross-sector partnerships and leveraging resources for sustainable development and positive societal impact.

He has also been recognized by the Government of India and Global organizations for his extraordinary contributions to strengthening Healthcare, organization development, and promoting integrity in public and private sectors.

His academic background (Master’s in Social work, sociology, Management and Rural Development, and Doctorate/PhD in Healthcare Management ), Certifications in Public Policy from the Centre of Continuing Education, IIT Kanpur, and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) from Centre for Environment, Health and Safety (CEHS) and demonstrative work experience in project implementation and management, capacity building, finance management, policy advocacy, resource mobilization and partnership development, database management, and research at leading organizations and universities in India and other countries enables him for an effective policy advocacy, project designing and implementation, and developing and strengthening public-private partnership for environmental, social and economic development.

In his current role as Deputy Director at UN Global Compact Network India (UN GCNI), he is demonstrating strong leadership skills, strategic vision, and a track record of the organization’s ESG, Public Health, MSME, Business Integrity (Ensuring Good governance, transparency, ethics and accountability in business) Projects and Resource mobilization and partnership development initiatives of the organization.

Email idsomnath.singh@globalcompact.in